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On this page we will describe our background, philosophy, and puppy procedures.


Our Mission

Our goal is to breed for more than the best looking Labrador, but to breed for the well rounded Labrador.  Our dogs are gorgeous, breed standard, and are winning in the show ring, but they also have great retrieving skills (intellegence) and are loving companions.  We breed intellegent, highly trainable, and extremely loveable Labradors.  We love our Labs as members of the family, and hand-raise each puppy in our home surrounded by our children.  Because we love our Labs as a family member, we are constantly striving to provide the best, and highest quality, natural food so our friends will be with us longer.  Check our our Links page for more details on Flint River Ranch foods. The best compliment we have received over and over is that our dogs are the sweetest, most cuddly, and easiest trained Labs they've ever met!

Our History

Erin was raised loving Labradors, so it was only natural to have a Lab for our children.  Emma was our first little girl, and we miss her terribly.  She was the foundation for what we are today, and the types of dogs we achieve to produce.

Puppy Procedures
If you're interested in purchasing a puppy, here's some information for you about the puppies we breed and raise for you.
1. All puppies are sold on Limited AKC Registration.  This means that the puppies will have an AKC Registration number stating the pure lineage of the puppy, but the puppy will be ineligible to compete in the show ring or be bred.
2. All of our puppies are hand raised in our home- not in a kennel enclosure outside! They are welcomed into the world by our family, including our two boys, ages 7 and 9 years old.  The puppies are loved and cuddled every day, so they are very socialized and very cuddly by the time they reach you.  We will personality profile each puppy to determine the puppy's disposition to assist in placing the puppy in the home most suitable for the puppy and the new owner.
3. We start forming our waiting lists as soon as the breeding is planned.  There is no commitment to purchase while on our waiting list. We ask that you complete a questionnaire to join our waiting list so we can use them to place puppies through our personality profiling.  When the puppies arrive, we will contact the waiting list in order of joining our list to notify them of the birth and determine if we have puppies for everyone on the list.  If we have a puppy for you, and you are still interested in the puppies, you will send in a NON-REFUNDABLE $100.00 deposit to hold the puppy until the puppy is released to you to go home.
4. The puppies will visit our veterinarian for a health check, have their dewclaws removed, receive their first shots and deworming while they are with us.  They will be delivered to you with their health records so you can take the paperwork to your veterinarian for their information on your puppy's health.
5. We do offer a 2 year health guarantee against any hereditary diseases.  In order to validate this guarantee you must have your new puppy examined by your veterinarian within 48 hours of bringing the puppy home.
6. When the puppy has completely weaned itself from its mother (usually 7-8 weeks old), you will be able to take the puppy home.  At the time of pick up, the balance for the puppy is due in full in either cash or cashier's check. 
7. Please let us know if you have additional questions about the puppy purchasing policies at Drake's Bay.
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