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Drake's Bay Labradors
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Drake's Bay's Doesn't Stay Put


at 6 weeks old




Scout, to the right of her father, Mojo, in this picture.  Scout is such a clown.  She is as sweet and loving as her mother and father, but so funny.  Her personality begs her to play and make you smile. She isn't happy just cuddling next to you, she needs to be ON you, fully wrapped around you! She loves to fetch ANYTHING!  Although, she would tell you her favorite pastime is by far swimming in our pool!  We have to be sure the gate is closed, or she'll swim for hours!  She just turned 2 years old, and we have such great hopes for her in the very near future!  Look for her first litter next Fall. 





Drake's bay's Doesn't Stay Put (Scout's) pedigree

                                                                                        CH Goldstrikes Claim Jumper

                                                        Cherry Oaks Code of Honor

                                                                                        Cherry Oaks Golden Amaretto

                CH Eickholt's Mojo O'Crosswind

                                                                                        CH Propsect's Brookland Hawkeye

                                                        Talisman's Hailey's Comet

                                                                                         Autumn Wings Elcamino

Drake's Bay's Doesn't Stay Put

                                                                                         CH Sailin's Proud Dimension

                                                        CH Sailin Morningstar's Comet

                                                                                         Palmer Lake Midsummers Dream

                Morningstar's Mountain Mama

                                                                                         CH Blackwing Balloon Jumper

                                                        Morningstar's Topaz Grace

                                                                                         Michiwa's Christmas Moon